WB Climate Change Report Warns of Dramatically Warmer World This Century

Published recently, new World Bank-commissioned report warns the world is on track to a “4°C world” marked by extreme heat-waves and life-threatening sea level rise. Adverse effects of global warming are “tilted against many of the world’s poorest regions” and likely to undermine development efforts and goals. Bank eyes increased support for adaptation, mitigation, inclusive green growth and climate-smart development. [Download Arabic Executive Summary] [Download English Executive Summary] [Download Full Report]


Launch of “Towards a Green Bahrain” Book

“Towards a Green Bahrain” Book (in English) has been launched by the Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment, and Wildlife (Environment High Council), with chapters contributed by environment and natural resources researchers and field experts from Bahrain. [Download Book] Continue reading

Water and Sustainability: A Review of Targets, Tools and Regional Cases

There is emerging interest by governments, international agencies, development practitioners and society-at-large in engaging in various initiatives of target setting to measure the impact of policy actions, assess development outcomes and evaluate aid effectiveness. Continue reading