The Future of Water in the Gulf is Alarming

Dr. Walid Zubari, Director of the Water Resources Management  Program at the Arabian Gulf University, and the President of the Water Science and Technology Association (WSTA) warned that the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC) are facing an alarming future, where water scarcity is increasing and the financial, economic, and environmental costs of water supply are escalating, which does not threaten the future development of the GCC countries only, but also what they have achieved in their  social and economic development [Okaz newspaper interview in Arabic]

Water and Climate Change in the MENA-Region 2011 Conference Proceedings

International Conference on “Water and Climate Change in the MENA-Region: Adaptation, Mitigation, and Best Practices”, April 28–29, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. [download proceedings document]

GWMATE – Briefing Notes on Groundwater are Available now in Arabic!

The World Bank GWMATE Briefing Notes Series on Groundwater Management was launched in 2002 to provide reader-friendly information on groundwater management and protection, and has been expanded based on needs and demands. Continue reading